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Iggy Azalea Says Dealing With Narcissistic People Is Stifling While Explaining Her Critical Thoughts On Such People

Photo Credit: Iggy Azalea

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea stated her views on narcissistic people and shared what the real problem is and said that it is very difficult to deal with such people via her verified Twitter account.

Hip-hop star Iggy Azalea is one of the most active users of Twitter because she regularly interacts with her fans and followers on social media answering their questions. Furthermore, she sometimes details her personal thoughts about life or people in general.

This time she took Twitter to share her ideas about narcissists, but it isn’t known whether she pointed out someone peculiar or spoke in general, anyway, she stated that dealing with those kinds of self- centred people felt so draining in her first tweet:

“Dealing with a narcissist is so draining.”

In her other tweet, the rapper expressed her thoughts more clearly on what narcissists are like and said:

“A narcissist can never really love anyone. They love whoever fits into their life as an extension of themselves / as a source of validation & energy at the time. They ‘love’ you … reflecting them. Mirroring them. But that’s not loving you. It’s them loving themselves.”

After Azalea’s statements expressing that narcissistic people only love themselves in all circumstances, her followers also commented on this issue and interesting answers came from some of them.

One of the followers said they don’t even love themselves and wrote:

“Narcissists actually mirror you. That’s how they get you to relate to them & fall for them. They actually don’t love you or even themselves. They’re not capable. They’re a facade. Everything’s an act.”

While another said narcissists try to manipulate people and wrote:

“I feel like narcissists can never truly love someone, they get bored and angry so easily and try to manipulate others into changing to what they want.”

You can check out other comments and the tweet down below.

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