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Hilary Duff Unveils Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Her Home Birth Experience

Hilary Duff, the well-known singer, and actor, jumped into her verified Instagram account the other day so as to reveal intimate shots of her delivery to her daughter Mae.

In the photos captured by birth photographer Lauren Guilford, Duff is seen in pain while waiting for her child with her doula named Molly. Alongside the photo, the former teen star wrote:

“Feeling ready to share some photos of Mae Mae’s birthday! For me to feel safe during birth and get to where I need to go, it’s crucial to have the right support system. The perfect amount of space, counter-pressure, humor, stillness, and people that support my power.”

Then the mother praised her husband Matthew Loma by describing him as “the calmest anchor in the room” when she “feels like climbing the walls.” She continued:

This is hard work… Every way a woman brings a baby in is. From getting pregnant to c-sections, hospital or home births, the breastfeeding journey (oy vey that one gets me every time) and raising these little beings responsibly to be stand up, confidant, kind citizens of the world.”

Duff who welcomed her third child, a daughter Mae Blair back on March 24, concluded her words as follows:

“It’s completely consuming. A tedious, magical, miraculous adventure… So cheers almighty mothers. You make mountains move daily.”

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