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Hilaria Baldwin Says She Can Spend Time With Her Family For The First Time In Years Due To The COVID-19 As She Puts A Stop To The Controversy Over Her Descent

The wife of well-known Hollywood star Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin jumped into her verified social media accounts and listed the “avantages” of being a mother in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The other day, Baldwin, who recently faced strong criticism toward herself due to the fake Spanish descent rumors, went to her verified Instagram account with a photo of a painting made by her 7-year-old daughter Carmen Gabriela and then stated in the comments section:

“I had a very special experience, I spent time with my family for the first time in nearly 2 years, due to Covid.”

Stating that COVID led her to share more than ever with her family, Baldwin also referred to her “Spanish descent” through the post. She wrote that in this period, she talked with her family members about how she grew up, her “languages” and “multi-cultural” values.

Baldwin claimed one more time that she is “multi”; according to what she stated in her message, she is “constantly going back and forth, trying to be more this or more that.” In her own words:

You will never quite fit in because the other parts of you shape and influence all your parts. Nothing inside you can truly exist in a segregated environment. It’s not a light switch that cleanly switches on &off-more of a sliding dial that simply shifts through a rainbow of colors.”

By pointing out the criticism, she stated that she does not “need to explain or get into the uncomfortable ‘prove it’ conversation.” Baldwin then added that she does not owe anything to anyone. She concluded:

“What I had to learn through a very painful experience is that many people relate… So, if you are suffering, please know that a loving group see your validity and belonging. We love and  accept you, just as you are.”

It seems Hilaria Baldwin found some time in the COVID period to think about the controversy over her background.

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