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Heather Morris Says Working With Lea Michele Was Unpleasant Because Of Her Disrespect Behaviours

Following  Samantha Marie Ware’s statement about ‘Glee’ star Lea Michele, Heather Morris, who represented cheerleader Brittany in ‘Glee,’ posted another statement about Michele, through Twitter, on June 3.

With this statement, Heather Morris expressed her feeling about former castmate Lea Michele and said that she was unpleasant to work with.

Heather Morris used the following words:

“Let me be very clear, Hate is a disease in America that we are trying to cure, so I would never wish for that hate to be spread to anyone else. With that said, was she unpleasant to work with? Very much so; for Lea to treat others with the disrespect that she did for as long as she did, I believe she SHOULD be called out.”

And Morris added:

“And yet, it’s also on us because to allow it to go on for so long without speaking out is something else we’re learning along with the rest of society. But, at the current moment its implied that she is a racist and although I cannot comment on her beliefs, I think we’re assuming, and you know what happens when we all assume…”

As known, Lea Michele posted an apology for the accusations made against her, through Instagram on June 3, however, it seems that she needs to apologize for one more time after this tweet.

Below, you can find the mentioned tweet, and check out the replies.

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