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Hayley Kiyoko Tells Of Her Battle With Body-Shaming: “We Can Be Our Biggest Enemy”

Singer & songwriter Hayley Kiyoko, who rose to fame as a child model and actor, revealed a secret regarding her perception of her own body image, with a highly inspiring Instagram post.

The ‘A Belle to Remember‘ hitmaker took to Instagram on January 17 with a series of shots that see her in a desert, enjoying nature, and released a statement announcing that she has been struggling with body-shaming for a quite while. In the caption section, she first wrote that she has to let her fans & followers know something, then continued:

“I’ve been terrified to be vulnerable. Terrified to take photos or look in the mirror. I’ve been battling personal body shame.”

Stating she has realized she has been shaming herself for various things that are not possible to be controlled by herself, Kiyoko added that she also blamed herself both for her health challenges and her physical appearance.

In her message, the 29-year-old stated that she now needs to rebuild her confidence that she lost in “somewhere on her journey,” and she has already started to work on building that backup. ‘Gravel to Tempo‘ creator added:

We can be our biggest enemy. I’m going to work really hard to be more courageous and build that bridge of love again for myself.”

Then the young star, who has been marked as a strong LGBTQ+ figure by a great number of fans, addressed her followers and said she is sorry for having not admitted it before while hoping that feeling in that way is normal. The singer, who is now “practicing some form of self-love,” concluded her message as follows:

“I know I’ve always tried to be vulnerable with you all from the beginning of our journey and I hope to practice that again.”

The intimate admission of the singer, came after she had released her latest single ‘She,’ which is from her EP, titled ‘I’m Too Sensitive for This Sh*t,‘ on January 14.

Here is the mentioned post.

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