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Hayley Kiyoko Says She Finally Gives Up Fighting Against Herself After Years Of Trying To Fit Herself Into A Template

Photo Credit: Twitter

Singer and actor Hayley Kiyoko is going on sharing her own experience of “finding herself” with her millions of Instagram followers, after declaring through her social media channels that she has taken a step to love herself.

Kiyoko, best known for her portrayals in ‘Lemonade Mouth,’ ‘Blue Lagoon: The Awakening,’ and ‘Jem and the Holograms,’ went to her Instagram account on January 27 with a shot of herself. Alongside the selfie that shows her without makeup and in a hoodie, she asked her followers through the captions section that how is it possible to spend the entire life fighting against oneself. And she started telling of her own story:

“I’ve just realized that I’ve spent my ENTIRE career and life trying to fit ‘in the box’. I have always aspired to fit ‘in that box’. At times I am rewarded for being ‘outside of the box’ or ‘different’.”

The actor, who is currently appearing in the American teen drama ‘Five Points,’ wrote that she found herself back, “stuck in this cycle of a structure that only works for someone who fits in ‘that box’.”

Even though she spent her entire life trying to fit herself into a template, she would never fit in “that box” according to what she stated. Writing that everything she strives for is more challenging, Kiyoko said that she decided to hug herself with all her defects.

“Embrace everything you are and everything you are not. Being outside of the box is okay, PLUS there is more space to roam :)”

Kiyoko’s post, inspired many Instagram users according to the comments they left.

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