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Hayley Kiyoko Reveals The Biggest Accomplishment Of Her Entire Life: “I Have Never Felt So Proud To Have Made It”

Singer, songwriter, and YouTuber Hayley Kiyoko, who recently gained attention for launching her perfume line, jumped into her verified Instagram account the other day in order to speak out about her “health journey” and the biggest accomplishment of her entire life.

Following releasing a couple of photos of herself, in bikinis at a coast, Kiyoko wrote that she is sharing that post cause she desires to provide updates to her fans & followers. While opening about her health journey, the well-known YouTuber described turning 30 as her biggest accomplishment. In her own words:

“What I will say is turning 30 has felt like the biggest accomplishment of my life. I have never felt so proud to have made it. My 20s have challenged every fiber of my existence and turning 30 felt like I could finally breathe.”

Stating that growing up is a massive restart for her, Kiyoko also got candid about certain medicine she took to improve her physical and mental health. In her message, the singer stated that the medications she has been “have only made things worse” and continued:

“I am finally starting to get a routine that is helping my body function better and this moment of relief feels like oxygen. Our bodies have their own needs and every remedy is not for everyone. It’s frustrating because you have to experiment knowing that the cost can result in pain and hopelessness. And having patience is trying. To find what works and what doesn’t.”

Writing that she is still on her journey of “wellness,” the ‘Girls Like Girls‘ hitmaker also said that she is in a moment that more than she has felt comfortable or loving to her body before. She concluded:

“And this moment of feeling confident should be celebrated.”

As she had expected, her fans and followers jumped into the comments section in order to celebrate the improvement.

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