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Hannah Simone’s Adolescent Trauma Is Awakening After She Made The Same Mistake After 26 Years

Photo Credit: Hannah Simone - Instagram Photos

Former fashion model and current TV star Hannah Simone went to her verified Instagram account with a post which is proof that she does not take lessons from her previous experiences.

The ‘New Girl‘ star posted a two-photo gallery through Instagram; one of which is showing her with perfectly curled hair, and the other one is seeing her burnt skin. Then the actor clarified the photos by saying that she was not good at using a curling iron since she was 14. Simone wrote:

“When I was a sweet trusting 14 year old I tried to use a curling iron for the first time and instantly gave myself a horrifying second-degree burn. After that, I swore I would never touch one of those menacing fire rods again. Well, time passed… Seasons changed… pandemics induced apparent memory loss.. and so…”

According to what she stated in the caption, the ‘Killing Gunther‘ star decided to give it another try cause she thought that she is now wiser, smarter and braver. However, the result did not change.

Describing the curling iron as an “evil weapon,” the actor continued her message as follows:

“I managed to give myself a second-degree burn so this is officially the last time I ever use one of those evil weapons of minor destruction

In a hilarious way, at the end of the caption, Simone asked her fans and followers to refer her to that post in case she would think of using curling iron at the age of 90.

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