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Halsey Urges People Not To Make Jokes About Kanye West’s Mental Health

American singer, songwriter, and activist Halsey made a statement through Twitter and asked people to stop joking about Kanye West’s mental health.

As might be remembered, the rapper Kanye West posted a series of tweets and accused Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner of trying to lock him up with a doctor. Before that, West, who suffers from bipolar disorder, had made a highly shocking rally speech in tears.

Whereupon, many people jumped to social media platforms and stated that he needs to seek professional help. However, some of them crossed the line and mocked West.

Concerning the issue, Halsey, who struggles with bipolar disorder, too, wrote on Twitter:

No jokes right now. I have dedicated my career to offering education and insight about bipolar disorder and I’m so disturbed by what I’m seeing. Personal opinions about someone aside, a manic episode isn’t a joke. If you can’t offer understanding or sympathy, offer your silence.”

The pop star, receiving numerous music awards, added by pointing out that having a mental illness is no joke:

“You can hate someone’s actions or opinions without contributing to the stigma that damages an entire community of sometimes vulnerable people all for a couple of laughs.”

She continued via another Tweet:

“If you wanna think someone is an a**hole, go ahead. Lots of people with mental illnesses are great. Lots of them are a**holes. Because they are people. With nuanced personalities. But making jokes specifically targeted towards bipolar hurts more than 1 person you’re angry with.”

So, the 24-year-old singer did not defend West or his actions but all of the people who suffer from any kind of mental illness.

See below to find the mentioned Tweets.

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