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Halsey Says She Is Kind Of Shock After Discovering That She Is A New York Times Best Selling Author

One of the 2020’s 100 most influential people in the world, singer and songwriter Halsey became a New York Times best-selling author with her first book of poetry, titled ‘I Would Leave Me If I Could;’ she announced by herself.

Halsey, who released her first live album ‘Badlands‘ on August 28, took to Instagram to deliver the thrilling news about her new career pathway. The singer posted a photo of herself, which sees her as a little girl, drawing something on her upper leg, and captioned it with a lengthy message in which she expressed her excitement concerning her first book’s high selling rates.

The 26-year-old artist first said that she is in kind of shock by the news, which she discovered when she woke up, and added that accolades are based on “a true human connection to the art” by referring to her book of poetry. Then the star clarified the photo with the following words:

“The tiny girl who learned all her life lessons in novels, propped up on her elbows with a flashlight at night, thank you. The teenager distracted through all her high school classes, writing short stories about great loves and world adventures, thanks to you.”

Halsey also stated through the message that she was a young adult, who copes with her weakness by writing while crying silently, and thanked her 20s. Then she came to nowadays and thanked her 26-year-old version, who has to handle the people that claimed her art populate come from a pretty outfit or a dating rumor. She continued by describing her artistry:

“This is faceless. I am not sexy, or loud, or charismatic for this art. I am sad, and frustrated with myself, and trying to decide which memories scald me the least to touch. Or perhaps which ones do the most. This is for you to find yourself in.”

The ‘Without Me‘ singer concluded her words by saying that she hopes the readers could find a loving embrace in her poetry.

See below to view Halsey’s Instagram post.

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