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Halsey Says She Has Done Her Own Makeup All The Time And Announces Her Beauty Brand

Photo Credit: Mark Metcalfe

Halsey is now a beauty mogul, in addition to being a singer, songwriter, and poet.

Well-known singer, born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, released a Twitter thread to announce her new makeup brand, About-Face. The singer, who stated that she has done her own makeup for concerts, on-tour performances, show appearances, and even album covers, shared her excitement regarding her brand new beauty line by saying:

“I’ve been doing makeup for myself for most of my career (even as far as SFX!) I am a student and a lover and every detail of this from shade names, to product ingredients, to packaging was me. I am so happy I could faint. Thanks for being so excited with me!!!!!”

Stating that About-Face is one of her own projects that she has been building for almost 3 years, Halsey also wrote that she is not just the face of some company; she is the creator and the head makeup artist.

In another tweet, the founder of the brand continued saying:

I promise you will see yourself in here. There’s so much more to come and it’s all for you. For every single unique face I’ve had the pleasure of singing to from the stage for half a decade to not be inspired would be impossible.”

The singer, who recently released her very first book of poetry entitled ‘I Would Leave Me If I Could,’ then posted an official introduction video for the brand and announced that the products are available to pre-order.

A day after launching the video, the 26-year-old, who created her iconic appearance on the cover of her 2020 album ‘Manic,’ wrote the followings and showed off one more time how much she is excited about the brand:

“I’ve been up since 5 am cause I’m so excited and it’s just announcement lmao. I’m gonna stop blabbering on. Maybe we can talk more in depth tomorrow?”

See below to view the tweets.

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