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Grace Francesca Victory Opens Up About Her Painful COVID-19 Experience As A Pregnant Woman As She Provides Updates Regarding Her Recovery Period

Photo Credit: Grace Victory - Instagram Photos

Well-known YouTuber Grace Francesca Victory got candid about the painful days she experienced just before taking her little baby to her arms.

On May 25, the media personality took to her verified Instagram account and released a photo of herself, feeding her boy – Cyprus Sevyn, who was born prematurely back on 24 December 2020, due to the COVID-19 related complications. Along with the photo which means so much to her, Victory released a lengthy caption to speak out about her tough experience with the coronavirus disease, as a pregnant woman. She began her message as follows:

I never thought I’d share this image. Mainly because I just see how sick I was, but also because it’s the first time I fed Cyprus Sevyn and speaking about my experiences still feels extremely vulnerable.⁣”

As fans of the YouTuber can remember, Victory was hospitalized due to the COVID-19 while she was pregnant with her first child; at that time, she was placed in an induced coma. Fortunately, in March, she released multiple Instagram posts and heralded that she is awake and with her boy, at home. She continued:

“I woke up after my coma and not only could I not move, but I also couldn’t speak. To see my baby I would have to be hoisted into the most uncomfortable wheelchair that would hurt my entire body, but I did it every time just to see him. To hold him, and when the risk of infection was gone, to kiss him. Today I went out for the first time since December (further than the garden).”

Stating that the recovery period can not complete in just days, Victory added that it doesn’t matter how long it takes as soon as the progress is continuing. The 30-year-old concluded her words as follows:

“I’m grateful regardless. ⁣ Just a reminder to anyone going through something that you believe might break you. Maybe infact, it will also make you brave.”

The good news of course met with great cheer; Victory received numerous supportive messages from her fans and followers as soon as she shared the abovementioned photos plus caption.

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