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Gisele Bündchen Offers A Free Way To Relieve Stress From City Life With A Couple Of Amazing Sunset and Sunrise Shots

Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen, who previously shared her thoughts about healthy eating and some of the benefits of her favorite herbs and spices as well as her meditation routine, now shared a post on the benefits of spending time in nature via her Instagram account.

The 38-year-old model Bündchen, who looks very healthy, natural and energetic in almost every photo, is living proof for her followers that health depends on the changes one makes in their lifestyle.

The beautiful model, who eats both healthily and naturally, heals her soul with meditation, but she also stays in contact with nature and shared some tips with her followers to help them experience the benefits of being in contact with nature too.

On Thursday, Bündchen took Instagram to share a couple of snaps sitting on the grass in nature’s greenery, seemed quite calm and peaceful, concentrating and finding peace in herself. The supermodel, which set up a tent on the grass, expresses that by watching the sunrise and sunset from here, she leaves all the stress of the city behind with the following words:

“Did you know that being in contact with nature can be good for your physical and mental health?” she asked her followers. “I feel so nurtured when I am in nature, it is my healing place. I am so happy that now they have a lot of studies about forest bathing/therapy, proving how being in nature has incredible benefits in our lives, like reduce stress, improve attention, boost immunity, reduce anxiety and mood lifting,” she explained.

Moreover, Bündchen advocates her followers to enjoy little things such as short walks in the neighborhood or putting your barefoot on grass making contact with the earth and feeling the positive energy in the following words:

“If you want to experience these benefits in your life, try and connect with nature as much as you can. Take a moment from your busy day to enjoy the little things nature is offering, go for a walk and enjoy your neighborhood park, the trees on your street, your home garden, the sunset or sunrise or put your barefoot on the earth for a few minutes to feel her energy. Time in nature can have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing and guess what… it is for free! Enjoy!” she advised.

Click here to view the mentioned Instagram post.

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