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Gisele Bündchen: “I Learned That Nothing Is Permanent”

Mega model Gisele Bündchen goes on sharing inspiring posts and spreading good vibes through her social media account.

For this time, the Brazilian model took to Instagram to mention improving mental health by focusing on the daily gifts that life submit the people. The 40-year-old posted a photo of herself that she appears hugging her dog, and added the following message:

“From my own experience, I learned that nothing is permanent. Sometimes a gentle reminder that the bad feelings will eventually go away can work like a beacon of hope.”

Then the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme told of her own mental struggles and the way coping with them:

“Anxiety can feel all-consuming, and sometimes we need a supportive push to help break us out of our vicious cycle of worry. My own panic attacks were difficult for me, and I sought help. In moments like these, family, friends, and specialists can help, and so can breathing and meditation tools.”

She concluded her words by describing the life “the greatest gift” for human:

“The most important thing is to move away from inertia and look for alternatives. Life is our greatest gift—and every day is worth it. ✨💛”

See below to view the mentioned Instagram post.

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