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‘Girls’ Star Jemima Jo Kirke Recreated Pepsi Jane With A Bold Photo That Turns Up The Heat

Artist, actor, and director Jemima Jo Kirke, best known for her role as ‘Jessa Johansson‘ in Lena Dunham-created TV series ‘Girls,’ fired up her Instagram account with a highly bold photo of herself, on May 5. The well-known star, who does not hesitate to show her figure without any filter through her social media channels, recreated Pepsi Jane who is the icon of old Pepsi ads.

The star, who is gearing up to appear as ‘Melissa‘ in the upcoming TV show ‘Conversations with Friends‘ released a photo of “Jane’s new version” and amazed her fans. Alongside the photo, in which she is seen fully undressed but with a huge wig and in 50s style high heels, Kirke wrote the following message:

“Pepsi Jane is ready for another photo shoot. During the lockdown, she gained 26 pounds by eating eggs in all their forms and drinking her favorite soda. She also discovered Instagram and enjoyed posting blurry selfies with her new iPhone. She laughed while sitting in front of a painted screen of Versailles, FaceTiming her friends and telling them she moved to France.”

Kirke, who is the wifey of singer-songwriter Alex Cameron, continued her message regarding the 2021 version of the star of Pepsi ads as follows:

“But today, scrolling through pictures, she came across this one. It made her sad to think that people might not appreciate her new figure. So, taking an epsom salt bath to sweat out the weight, scrubbing her face and throwing on a wig, she caught a glimmer of herself. She was ready for a photograph. Perfectly in focus.”

As soon as the star, who made her directorial debut back in 2019 with the music video for Lola Kirke‘s ‘Mama’ received tons of fire emojis from her fans and followers, of course.

Here is the mentioned Instagram post.

Photo Credit: Jemima Kirke – Instagram

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