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Fat Joe Says Kids Were Mocking Him For Being A “Mommy’s Boy” In His Childhood

Photo Credit: Nicholas Hunt

Rapper Joseph Antonio Cartagena, best known by his stage name Fat Joe, took to his Instagram to mark his mother’s birthday and revealed a secret related to his childhood.

The ‘Lean Back’ hitmaker posted a photo of himself with his mother and wrote that in his childhood the other kids around him mocked him because of his motherly devotion. In his own words:

“I’m a mammas boi my whole life. Kids used to make fun of me and say that’s the number spot kid.”

Then the rapper, who released his collaborative album ‘Family Ties’ last year, honored her mother by mentioning her efforts to raise him and his sister & brother:

“My mother worked three jobs to support four kids and still made it home to cook dinner for us every night. I never saw my mother drink or smoke drugs in my life she always lead from example.”

The rapper, also known as Fat Joe da Gangsta, recalled another moment from his childhood:

“Once a kid stuck her up at the number spot his mother was her best friend, I remember being so upset the very next day she was feeding him in my house I was just seven years old. I asked her why and she said he has a sickness he uses drugs but she loves him and his family.”

By directly addressing his mother, the rapper said that she taught him everything, and he owes her everything he has. Stating that he is so proud to be her son, ‘All the Way Up’ rapper concluded his words by thanking her for bringing him into this world.

“God bless you, happy bday mommy, your the best in the world. ❤️❤️❤️”

The post received highly adorable comments from well-known rappers, including T.O.N.Y, TIP, Lala, and Papoose Mackie.

Here is the post.

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