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Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ Shares An Amazing Shot Of His Cheat Meal While Watching A Doc On Abraham Lincoln

Dwayne Johnson, the successful actor, nicknamed ‘The Rock,’ shared an appetizing photo eating a large portion of sushi on his Instagram account suggesting his followers eat cheat meals at night too.

In a previous post, he stated that sushi was one of his best friends which joins him in his midnight rendezvous, and again, on Monday night, he showed his followers how he endured all the hard workouts he did and how he gained energy with ‘soosh train’ alongside with soy sauce and hunks of wasabi and two big chocolate chip cookies.

He captioned the shot:

“Late night soosh train 🍣 🚂 cheat meal in full effect. Accompanied by soy sauce and hunks of woooooosabi and two big ass chocolate chip cookies. “

‘The Rock’ always urges his followers to enjoy their cheat meals, but this time he also said that he watched an excellent doc on President Lincoln and wished everyone a productive week with the following words:

“Enjoyed this quiet soosh time immensely and also enjoyed an excellent doc on President Lincoln 🇺🇸 🥃,” he wrote. “Don’t cheat yourselves, treat yourselves and enjoy your cheat meals, my friends. Have a productive week ☑️”

Dwayne Johnson is a very sporty person with a strong body, and he does heavy training and sports to maintain this strength. The actor, who also started preparing for his upcoming roles in movies, recently announced that he began a challenging training program and he is famous for sharing the cheat meals he eats at night.

Click here to view Johnson’s mentioned post.

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