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Dua Lipa Causes A Huge Controversy With ‘Greater Albania’ Tweet And Responds To Backlash

English singer and songwriter Dua Lipa, who received Brit Award for British Female Solo Artist, posted a ‘Greater Albania’ map that includes Albania, Kosovo, and the other Balkan countries and added the definition of the word “autochthonous.”

She wrote:

“au•toch•tho•nous adjective (of an inhabitant of a place) indigenous rather than descended from migrants or colonists.”

Via this image associated with Albanian nationalism, she pointed out that nearby regions must be included within Albania’s territory.

The ‘Don’t Start Now’ singer, whose parents are from Kosovo, caused debate, and she was accused of spreading ethnic separatism.

Following the tweet, described as a “hate speech” by fans, Dua Lipa made another statement and tried to clarify her intention. She wrote the followings to the apology:

“My previous post was never meant to incite any hate. It makes me sad and angry that my post has been wilfully misinterpreted by some groups and individuals who promote ethnic separatism, something I completely reject.”

The 24-year-old singer continued:

“Whenever I post about Kosovo, my feed goes crazy, even if it’s about something as joyful as food or music, and I am met with fierce resistance to the idea of an authentic Kosovan culture.”

Then, the singer concluded her words as follows:

“We all deserve to be proud of our ethnicity and where we are from. I simply want my country to be represented on a map and to be able to speak with pride and joy about my Albanian roots and my mother country.”

See below to view the mentioned Tweet.

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