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Dove Cameron Confesses She Cried On Her Best Friend Veronica St. Clair For 30 Minutes Telling Her She Would Die For Her

Photo Credit: Dove Cameron - Instagram Photos

Best known for portraying ‘Mal‘ in 2015 dated movie ‘Descendants,’ Dove Cameron went to her verified Instagram account with a highly interesting confession regarding her friendship with Veronica St. Clair.

On April 8, Cameron, who recently captured media attention with break-up rumors over her relationship with Scottish actor Thomas Doherty, uploaded a couple of photos of herself with Clair from her birthday night. Alongside the photos, in one of which the actor is seen holding her friend’s hands and putting the head on her laps, Cameron wrote:

“It’s my best friend’s birthday week and she’s 1/2 the world away on her big grand adventure. Here are some photos of me ugly crying on her a few weeks ago at a party full of people for a full 30 minutes telling her I would die for her.”

Expressing that she is so much love her best friend that she would die for her, the 25-year-old star directly addressed Clair and praised her with the following words:

“Veronica, you are my most cherished. You are the highest example of what a human being can hope to be. you are my world. I can’t believe it’s you. I am so lucky, as is the fu*king world. Happy birthday, Baby. See you so soon.”

In her message, Cameron also stated that she finds herself so lucky to find Clair so young; even though it is not known how long the duo have been friends, it seems it goes back many years back.

What’s more, in the caption section, a great number of users of the platform wrote that Cameron and Clair are the best duo on social media.

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