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DJ Khaled Makes Fans Envious With His Commitment To Wife Nicole Tuck As He Says: “Ladies I’m Taken”

Khaled bin Abdul Khaled, under the stage name DJ Khaled, took Instagram to share a couple of snaps posing with his usual luxury accessories while expressing his commitment to wife Nicole Tuck.

DJ Khaled is one of the famous names who uses Instagram actively and from time to time he shares his children, sometimes announcements, private life, or business life.

It is always remarkably evident in DJ Khaled’s posts that he has a luxurious and pompous lifestyle. He can take holidays in places where most people cannot go or buy branded products that they can only imagine.

This makes him different from other celebrities as he takes pictures of every item he owns one by one without missing any details because DJ Khaled likes to show off his luxurious lifestyle to his followers.

On Tuesday, again, in a luxurious setting at his house, he took Instagram to show off his most pretentious poses. He captioned the photo with an allusive message to female fans who have a crush on him with the following words:

Ladies I’m taken 😍 Swipe so you know, Khaled Khaled. The Light is love 🌞 God is love ❤️”

One of his best friends, rapper Fat Joe jumped into the comments section when he saw the post of Khaled and wrote:

“Ssssshhhheeeeeesssshhhhhh and the Drip Award goes to Khaled Khaled”

One of the fans of the artist, however, criticized him for not being humble and said:

“He needs to humble himself…God watched everything, never think your better cause you have money…disease & sicknesses hit us all …God bless him and his beautiful family…but like relax

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