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Demi Lovato Says She Wants A Career That Has Nothing To Do With Her Body

The well-known singer and actress Demi Lovato interviewed with Bustle, and opened about her mental & physical journey.

Throughout the interview, Lovato compared the past and present. She said that she did not eat anything day before the photoshoot in the past to look better, but now, she doesn’t prepare for photoshoot any at all.

“I used to have people watching me the night before a photoshoot to make sure that I didn’t binge or eat and be swollen the next day. It’s just a totally different world now. I can eat Subway for breakfast.”

The ‘Cool for the Summer’ singer added by pointing out bad memories she experienced:

“Even though I had a big singing voice, I didn’t have a big speaking voice for myself. I didn’t express my needs… And then after a while of your needs and your wants being ignored, you burst.”

The 27-year-old singer who positively changed and grew up dramatically, mentioned her dream-career and she also stated that continue to support body positivity:

I want a career that has nothing to do with my body. I want it to be about my music and my lyrics and my message. And I want a long-lasting career that I don’t have to change myself for. Music brought me so much joy when I was younger, and I lost that joy throughout the hustle and bustle of the music industry. I got miserable. And I don’t ever want it to be like that again. That’s what I want.”

In order to reach out to the full text of the interview, click here.

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