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Chrissy Teigen Fights Against Anti-Asian Racism And Hate Crimes Rising During The COVID-19 Period

Photo Credit: Chrissy Teigen - Instagram Photos

Chrissy Teigen, the host and cookbook writer, gave a pause to sharing snaps focusing on her daily life with her family, and pointed out a social issue.

On February 13, Teigen teamed up with Kim Saira and Annie Wu to raise awareness on anti-Asian acts, racism, and hate crimes. She shared multiple posts including certain information regarding “an action resource plan for Asian Americans and allies.”

Through the said posts, Teigen aimed to call attention to the racist acts against Asian American people especially ascended after the coronavirus pandemic due to the discourses like “Asian virus” or “China virus.”

Teigen, who showed her support for Joe Biden and became a dominant figure of the ‘Black Lives Matter‘ movement with the tweets that made former president Donald Trump piss off, wrote the following message alongside the posts calling people to take action to stop racism:

“As you’ve heard, Asian Americans have seen a huge spike in hate crimes since the start of COVID – it didn’t help that the piece of s**t called it the China Virus any chance he could but I digress.”

In another post, Teigen, who is a daughter of an American of Norwegian descent and a mother of Thailand descent, wrote that she is proud of her origin while praising the work of Saira and Wu:

I am proud to be Asian American. Always.”

Head this way to view Teigen’s post received highly positive comments from thousands of Instagram users.

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