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Celebreties Post A Blank Black Image On Social Media To Fight Against Racial Injustice

Within the Blackout Tuesday movement, in order to protest racism and police violence, the whole music & entertainment industry paused their business and posted a blank black image on social media on June 2.

Almost all the celebrities took part in Blackout Tuesday action that was organized for the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor.

The well-known celebrities such as Rita Ora, Mariah Carey, Natalia Portman, Debby Ryan, Noah Cyrus, David Beckham, Emilia Clarke, Paris Hilton, Christina Milian, Jessi J, Rickey Thompson, and Kelly Rowland posted a blank black image on Instagram and captioned these images with ‘Black Lives Matter’ hashtag.

Apart from this, some of these celebrities canceled their participation in all meetings and suspended music streams.

In addition to that, the huge music companies such as Atlantic Records and Shady Records joined this action and abstained from releasing music for one day.

Besides, the music streaming and media services provider Spotify added an 8-minute and 46-second silent track to certain playlists for the day.

With this action, it is aimed to dedicate time to fight against racial injustice and to raise awareness.

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