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Cardi B Struggles With Naysayers After ‘Up’ Hitting No.1: “I Address All The Hate On My Album”

Photo Credit: Cardi B - Instagram Photos

Cardi B slammed haters through her social media accounts the other day, as she always did.

One of the most-recognized rappers of the decade, Cardi B became the first female rapper to have five no.1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 following her latest single ‘Up‘ topped on the list. Instead of celebrating her success, B jumped into her verified Instagram account to fire back to those who tried to obstruct her from achieving.

In her strong language, the rapper released a lengthy message alongside a video that shows her fans dancing along with the hit ‘Up’ plus a list announcing the song is on the top. B slammed the naysayers with the following words:

“It’s sad that when I win people gotta scramble with lies for my success. Like they ain’t saw everybody, people coming out Amazon trucks and ambulances dancing my s**t 🤣🤣🤣”

The rapper, who is focusing her energy on retorting her haters, also referred to the criticism concerning her previous number one hit ‘WAP.’ As known, a great number of people, mostly conservative politicians censured the song featuring Megan Thee Stallion due to its lyrics. Regarding the issue, B wrote:

“They love to run with that Payola to make them feel better mind you I didn’t debute number 1 because of my low radio play and WAP barely made radio cause it was so explicit yet still made number 1.Look at the second slide look at my AirPlay ( radio) compare to other artist radio spins.”

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ hitmaker who released the second single from her upcoming second studio album back on February 5 through Atlantic Records concluded her message as follows:

When you start winning the stories start spinning!!! I adress all the hate on my album tho wait on it!!!”

In order to view the original Instagram post, click here.

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