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Cardi B Reveals She Was Bullied By Trump Supporters After Interviewing Biden

Photo Credit: Cardi B - Instagram Photos

Following the victory of Joe Biden, rapper Cardi B took revenge for being bullied by Donald Trump supporters including the well-known conservative author Candace Owens, and conservative political commentator Ben Shaphiro.

As fans remember, the ‘WAP‘ rapper interviewed Joe Biden for the August issue of Elle magazine. The duo discussed the coronavirus pandemic, education, health care system, police brutality, racial inequality, and the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

Through Instagram, B, posted a short clip from the virtual interview which took place back in August and wrote a lengthy caption. In her message, the rapper said that she was highly nervous about the said interview because she would introduce their running candidate and future president. Then, the rapper revealed that due to that interview she was chewed up by numerous people who were on Trump’s side. She wrote:

“Republicans like Candace, Shapiro, Fox news made fun of me, talk so much sh** about me and my song WAP. They said Biden use me as a pawn.

Cardi B claimed that she had seen a list of rappers – including her own name – Trump paid for getting the support. Despite that, she never got a payment from Biden in return for her endorsement. According to what she said, she just intended to get to know him and to stress the importance of voting.

B continued by saying she is now really proud of all the famous people who used their power to encourage fans & followers to vote. Then addressed to fans and said:

Don’t let anybody downplay you for what you doing that’s how they try to take away your power. YOUR POWER IS YOUR VOICE!”

At the end of her message, the Grammy Award-winning artist celebrated Biden & Harris’ victory.

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Couple of weeks ago I was getting chewed up by Trump supporters over this interview especially by miss Candace who has been degrading my name for 2 years straight. I was so nervous for this interview especially because it was on zoom and not in person but it was important for my followers to get to know our running candidate and future president. Republicans like Candace, Shapiro, Fox news made fun of me ,talk so much shit about me and my song WAP. They said Biden use me as a pawn then weeks later we seen a list of rappers and artists that Trump was trying to reach out to and to pay for support a list that included my name. I never got payed a dollar from Biden I just wanted to get to know him and open my fans up to the importance of voting.Im so proud of all these celebs who uses their platform and for the people who went out and voted WE DID IT! Don’t let nobody down play you for what you doing that’s how they try to take away your power .YOUR POWER IS YOUR VOICE!Congrats Biden! Your family here, and in Heaven are very proud of you! Also congratulations to Kamala you made history!

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