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Camila Cabello Reflects On How J Balvin Has Impacted Her Life: “I No Longer Felt Alone”

The former member of the girl band ‘Fifth Harmony,’ Camila Cabello penned a tribute for J Balvin after he was named one of their 100 Most Influential People of 2020 by TIME magazine; and told of the impact of Balvin on her & her musical career as a Latino artist.

The ‘Havana’ singer began her tribute by mentioning the first time she met with J Balvin, said that she was so excited and nervous at that time.

Then the singer referred to several posts Balvin has shared over the past year regarding his mental health issues:

“During a period of intense anxiety, I saw his posts on Instagram talking about his struggle with anxiety and mental health, and I remember bursting out crying because I no longer felt alone, amazed that someone who was achieving such incredible things was still vulnerable and brave enough to share that with the world.”

Cabello described José as “humble, hardworking and gracious, and so constantly grateful and kind” and added:

“He’s opened up the doors for Latino artists everywhere by making the world hear and fall in love with our culture, our sounds, and our spirit.”

Grammy Award-nominated singer and songwriter, Cabello concluded her heartfelt statement as follows:

“What I truly admire and love the most about José is that he is just himself. He’s himself to the world, he’s himself to his friends and his peers, and he’s got the kind of heart that makes him a person everyone is rooting for. When he wins, we all win.”

Click here to read out Cabello’s tribute.

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