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Britney Spears’ Question & Answer Video Causes A Controversy, Fans Think She Doesn’t Have Access To Her Social Media

Photo Credit: Britney Spears - Instagram Photos

The well-known singer Britney Spears uploaded a video of herself, which she answers the questions that “supposed” to come from her fans, caused a huge controversy among followers. In the said video, the singer speaks in an unnatural voice and tells of her favorite holiday, subject in the school, book, and so on. She captioned the video as follows:

“I feel like we will look back at this time in quarantine as a huge transitional stage in our lives… We don’t know when things will go back to normal but we are staying positive and learning so much about ourselves !!!! For me, I want to thank all my dear… Sweet… Real fans for being so damn wonderful !!! I can feel your hearts and I know you can feel mine 💞🌹💖… Thank you for your support ⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!”

However, shortly after publishing the video, her fans claimed that they hadn’t asked even those questions and they stated that she was not comfortable and “like herself” in front of the camera. Some of the followers wrote in the comment section:


“Ever think maybe she’s not even able to see comments & they’re lying and telling her this is what’s being asked so she answers and looks crazier.”

Not speaking in her natural voice, uncomfortable body language and the pacing from side to side are all telltale signs that something shady is going on behind the scenes…”

As known Spears has been on the carpet for a long time due to the “Free Britney” movement that her fans are demanding freedom for her from a conservatorship that grants her father. Spears’ fans referring to the situation she is in, wrote they suspected of that she couldn’t control her phone:

 “How about answering these questions, who’s in control of your phone, is your boyfriend hired, what kind of meds are they forcing you to take.”

“Her handlers probably tell her these are the questions her fans are asking. I think this proves that she isn’t reading her comments. Probably doesn’t even have access to her phone.”

See below to view the mentioned Instagram post.

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