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Bella Thorne Dresses Up Like Barbie Doll, While Her Fiance Benjamin Mascolo Becomes Real Life Ken

Photo Credit: Daniele Venturelli - WireImage

‘Shake It Up’ alum Bella Thorne melted down her social media platforms with a couple of stunning shots of herself with her new fiance, singer Benjamin Mascolo.

Thorne, who recently released a highly emotional post devoted to her late father who passed away when she was a little kid, jumped into her social media channels a little after and amazed her fans and followers with the shots that show her as a Barbie doll.

On April 19, the Teen Choice Award-winning artist uploaded a series of shots, in fully pink trunks and with fluffy red hair inside a huge Barbie doll box. What’s more, fiance Mascolo accompanied “Barbie” as Ken in the photoshoot, in a fully black outfit plus a leather jacket.

The ‘Her & Him,’ who announced her engagement with Mascolo back in March through her verified social media accounts, added the following note alongside the shots:

Barbie girl living in a Bella world. Content X Studios these photos are everything. Which is your favorite Bella barbie?”

Both on Instagram and Twitter, Thorne’s loyal fans were quick to say that the star is looking perfect; even, she looks more gorgeous than the actual Barbie. As for Mascolo, left the following comment:

“Damn I would buy barbie Bella.”

See below to view the mentioned tweet and check the photos out.

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