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Bella Hadid Slams The Federal Government About Brandon Bernard Execution: “He Should Have Woken Up This Morning”

Photo Credit: Bella Hadid - Instagram Photos

Bella Hadid went to Instagram the other day and criticize the justice system in the United States after Brandon Bernard had been executed on December 11, by the Donald Trump administration.

Bernard, who was convicted for three different charges, received a lethal injection of phenobarbital on Friday and that caused great controversy because it was highly unusual for a man to get a death sentence due to crimes he made in his teens.

To stop the execution many notable names took actions, especially Kim Kardashian West. Even though the celebrity made last-minute requests to Donald Trump, the 40-year-old man was put to death by the government.

On December 12, Hadid released the following message to say that the penal system is not working and demand justice for the other prisoners in the same situation as Bernard.

“I hope and pray that Brandon is in a better place now. Filled with the love and respect he deserves. He should have woken up this morning. But the system didn’t allow it. They murdered him last night. There is no such thing as ‘legal’ murder.”

The young model accused the Trump administration of allowing executions instead of giving chance to people who had committed offenses in their teens to restore their lives. She continued:

“Trump knew this was happening, could have stopped it, and still went on and allowed it. This is so fuc*** up and the fact that the death sentence hasn’t been abolished yet is straight up discussing. Rest in peace Brandon. You didn’t deserve it.”

Here is Hadid’s message.

Photo Credit: Bella Hadid – Instagram Stories

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