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Bella Hadid Shares Her Healing Journey: “I Found Myself, My Strength And Light”

Photo Credit: AFP

One of the most known models, Bella Hadid updated her Instagram feed with a series of photos to share her healing experience with her millions of fans.

Hadid, who is mostly sharing backstage photos and magazine photoshoots through her social media channels, this time, included a variety of pictures that shows certain personal development books, some gemstones, and snaps she described as a part of her mental healing process and added a lengthy caption to express her feelings & thoughts.

The sibling of Gigi Hadid began her caption by saying that she took some time away to learn further about her presence in “a way that would be too much to explain at the moment” and continued:

“The memories and fortune I came back with are pure wisdom, a closer relationship with myself & my spirituality, a sense of self-love that I have always lacked, a few great friends, and these books that saw me through.”

The 24-year-old celebrity stated she found what she had lost, during the process of energy flowing:

I found myself, my strength, and my light again.”

Then the mega model stated that she is only in the world to be a forceful instrument of love and her purpose of existence is to help people who are suffering. She continued her message by thanking her angels who “saved” her, for supporting and loving her.

At the end of her message, Hadid addressed her fans and followers and urged them to go on their healing journey:

“Take time to get help for your mental health. It’s worth it to get to your full potential.”

The post came after a two-week social media break; so, a great number of Instagram users asked her to share posts more frequently while stating that they are supporting her in her journey. Click here to view the mentioned Instagram post and read the fans’ comments.

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