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Barack Obama Remembers Her Mother, Ann Dunham With An Anecdote From His Book ‘A Promised Land’

The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama shared a heartfelt note regarding her mother, Ann Dunham, through his verified account, on November 13.

By referring to his upcoming memoir, ‘A Promised Land,’ Obama wrote a lengthy caption alongside a photo of himself with her late mother, Dunham to remember her in a highly adorable way. He described Dunham, as a strong and smart woman and added:

For her, the world offered endless opportunities for moral instruction. My sister Maya and I got early lessons about the struggle for civil rights, the impact of poverty on people around the world, and the importance of respecting other cultures and considering other points of view.”

The first African-American president of the United States then said that her mother, who was an anthropologist working on economic anthropology and rural development, believed that power derived from “putting people down but rather through lifting them up.” 

According to Obama, Dunham was a person defending the importance of logic and progress against injustice. He concluded by quoting from his beloved mother:

“‘The world is complicated, Bar,’ she used to say. ‘That’s why it’s interesting.’”

In a previous interview, Obama also stated that Dunham was a dominant figure in his early years. She taught him the values, and lead him at a young age to go about the world of politics.

‘A Promised Land,’ which includes the aforementioned anecdote, will be published on November 17, 2020. It’s $45.

See below to view Obama’s Instagram post.


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