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Bailee Madison Shares Unfiltered Photos To Encourage Her Fans Regarding To Embrace Themselves As They Are

Bailee Madison, who recently announced that she is kicking off her singing career through Jonas Brothers’ record label, became sociable the other day and released a two-photo gallery; through the unfiltered photos, the ‘A Week Away‘ star aimed to encourage her fans and followers on social media to love themselves without “photo edit game.”

The well-known actor, receiving numerous acting awards including Young Artist Awards for her performance in the fan-favorite family film ‘Bridge to Terabithia,’ shared the photos, in which she is seen sitting in her car, with the following message:

“Wanted to start off this week with a little unfiltered pic, been catching myself doing the comparison thing lately and man it’s not the best for the mind (or soul) I told myself that that funk was gonna be no more, so I’m starting off with a little public post to hold me accountable.”

Stating that she is feeling like she is not alone with this, Madison reminded the users of the photo-sharing platform that they are in fact beautiful, inside and out. Following writing that each person is wonderfully unique, the actor, who is gearing up to appear as ‘Finley’ in the forthcoming movie, ‘A Cinderella Story: Starstruck‘ continued her message as follows:

Embrace what makes you.. You, love your differences, be kind to yourself when you look in the mirror, and know that you aren’t alone. We all gotta check in with ourselves. Because trust me, this girl right here has been feeling all the feelings lately. Wrapping you up in a big hug, b.”

Through her lengthy caption, the 21-year-old star also stated that Instagram (and the other photo-sharing apps of course) is “ a tough place at times.” According to the young star, social media is a place “showcasing the already extreme world of unrealistic beauty standards in an even bigger and more accessible light.” 

It seems Madison found a way to “survive” on this platform; with the help of unfiltered photos!

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