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Ariana Grande Praises Lady Gaga By Mentioning Her As ‘Stunning Superwoman’

The Grammy Award, Brit Award, Billboard Music Award-winning singer, Ariana Grande shared a post on her Instagram page on the other day, and express her gratitude and love with sentimental words to Lady Gaga.

Under the photo of herself, Ariana Grande added a caption to state that Lady Gaga how to impress her deeply. She started her words as if she were telling a tale:

“One time … I met a woman who knew pain the same way I did… Who cried as much as I did, drank as much wine as I did, ate as much pasta as I did and who’s heart was bigger than her whole body.”

And she continued by expressing how strong the emotional bond is between them:

“…She immediately felt like a sister to me. She then held my hand and invited me into the beautiful world of chromatica and together, we got to express how beautiful and healing it feels to cry! I hope this makes you all feel as uplifted as it does for us both. I love you @ladygaga, you stunning superwoman!”

While Ariana Grande expressing her feelings about Lady Gaga, informed her fans that the new release ‘Rain on Me’ is out. For this song that their fans have waited excitedly for, Gaga and Ariana performed a duet and shot a music video.

After this post, her followers left these kinds of comments:

“The song was everything I needed !!!! ✨” said Bryan Hearns.

“My butterfly wings are fluttering!!! 😭” commented Micheal Anthony.

“it’s raining all over my room” said Julia Silva.

Below you can find the mentioned post.

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