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Anne-Marie Inspires Fans & Followers With An Self-Esteem Based Instagram Post

Photo Credit: Anne-Marie - Twitter Photos

‘Rockabye’ hitmaker, Anne-Marie goes on inspiring people and sharing good vibes with them during the lockdown.

‘Ciao Adios’ singer updated her Instagram feed with a series of selfies which see her with long pink-dyed hair. Alongside the photos, Anne-Marie wrote a lengthy motivational message to urge people to live their lives whenever the fancy takes them, without lending an ear to the other’s people say.

She wrote that life is too short to spend ” through other people’s eyes,” and added there is no way to know the real thoughts of the people. She continued:

“So what’s the point in wondering in the first place?? What’s the point in worrying? And WHO CARES? Your life is yours. And YOURS ONLY.”

Then the singer addressed directly her followers and called them “beautiful souls.” She recommended them to care less and love life more for always and stressed that there are no bounds set by the other people to block a person from being oneself.

English singer, who released her latest single, titled ‘Problems’ on 13 November 2020, released a recipe to fill the soul with self-esteem. Here is the recipe:

“Dress how YOU want to
Diet if YOU want to
Work out if YOU want to
Wear makeup if YOU want to”

At the end of her caption, she stressed one more time that all the things entirely up to a person’s self.

This is not the first and the only post that Anne-Marie shared to make people feel good, the singer is familiar with posting regarding her own struggles and the ways she copes with tough times. As fans remember, not much, 2 weeks ago, the ‘2002’ singer told of her psychotherapy experience through an Instagram post.

See below to view Anne-Marie’s Instagram post.

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