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Alicia Keys Says: For Years I’ve Struggled With the Word “No”

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Alicia Keys, who is the Grammy Award and MTV Video Music Award-winning singer and classically-trained pianist, made the sentimental statements about herself, through the interview with TimesLIVE.

On May 21, Alicia has shared the interview content by vocalizing it with her own voice with followers, via Instagram.

According to what Alicia Keys said during the interview, making everybody happy at the same time and impress all the people are not possible; also trying to do this is quite tiring, so it is best to stop for a minute and practice what you actually feel.

She also stated that she had been struggling with some problems in human affairs, but she started to cope with this, with these words:

“Whoever told us that helping yourself is something to feel guilty about? … It’s amazing when you choose yourself, how much you can actually help others more.”

And she added the following statements on the caption section:

“For years I’ve struggled with the word NO. It’s always been so hard for me to put myself first.⁣ Here’s something I’ve learned along the way to becoming #moremyself…” ⁣

This emotional post got so many positive reactions and gave the followers a chance to share their thoughts:

“I’m learning and growing, but moments like this (hearing you admit that you’ve been there too) help make me feel like I’m not the only one. Big love Queen! May we all become more comfortable with putting our needs first sometimes. 💕” said the follower named Kalivia Pope.

“One of the bad things about helping others is some of them don’t even do the same for you and we all need to realize and embrace our self-worth especially when that’s the case💜” commented Ashley Nicole.

Below you can find the mentioned post.

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