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Alex ‘Sir Kipsta’ Dragomir, YouTuber Star, Passes Away At The Age Of 17

Well-known teen YouTube star, Alex Dragomir, as known as ‘Sir Kipsta‘ on the platform, passed away at the age of 17, after a failed heart surgery.

On June 11, the devastating news regarding the teen star’s tragic passing was delivered by Dragomir’s sister through Twitter. She stated that he had undergone “a very hard operation which lasted 7 hours” and continued as follows:

“Heaven gained another angel. Baby angel, he was my rock my everything. RIP Alex.”

In her heartbreaking tribute, Alex’s sister also thanked those who supported the late YouTuber star by saying:

Thank you so much to those who supported Alex thru his hospital journey you all been so amazing! Tou all kept him going gave him the energy to carry on! All the messages kept his head up. He carried on due to all the nice support he had from Twitter.”

As fans might remember, the 17-year-old YouTuber was famous for his videos devoted to football team Manchester United. Through the video-sharing platform Alex ‘Sir Kipsta’ Dragomir also shared his health journey. Ahead of the surgery, he tweeted:

“Going in for a life-saving procedure if it don’t work then it’s been a great time people thank you for all you’ve done for me but we pray we see it through and we pray we get fatter and fitter after it for them to see progress and not say they can’t do anything after surgery.”

A couple of months ago, Alex opened up about his health condition and revealed that he had heart failure; at that time, he stated that this problem “can’t get better.”

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