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Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Ireland Finds It Hard To Stick To Her Diet As She Is Tired of Being In Quarantine

The model and actress Ireland Baldwin updated her Instagram account explaining her daily routine and how she managed to lose weight during quarantine and clean her body, but she also revealed that it was much harder to do than she thought.

Last year, the daughter of Alec Baldwin announced that she suffered mental health problems and for dealing with her anxiety she tried to find ways for relaxation.

Now, during quarantine, she started a new routine which cleanses her body from inside out and helps her to become fit and healthy. However, it turned out to be much harder to achieve and she stated that she lost track of how many days she has been in lockdown with the following words:

“✨Quarantine✨ day 3,000? Are we still counting? This cleanse has me feeling like a ✨le skinny legend✨”

She continued her caption detailing her diet, which involved broccoli and kale, and said eating those kinds of veggies were hard when she saw no one cares about the pandemic. Therefore, she said that she wanted to make a cheat and eat things like cinnamon buns. In her own words:

“It ain’t easy eating broccoli and kale when the world is so fucked up and no one wants to care about the pandemic so I want to eat ✨cinnamon buns✨ and drink ✨Tito’s fUuUUUUUuk”

Following the post, some followers of Baldwin jumped into the comments section to ask her to share her cleanse.

Click here to view the other comments and the mentioned Instagram post.

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