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Abby Lee Gives A Shout-Out To Former ‘Dance Moms’ Star JoJo Siwa: “She Impressed The Whole Wide World”

Abby Lee Miller went to Instagram the other day to celebrate the birthday of her old student; JoJo Siwa!

As fans already know, Siwa, who starred in the ‘Dance Moms‘ along with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa turned 18 as of the date of May 19. In order to mark the day, Miller unveiled a series of TBT photos and videos of Siwa, which sees the singer & dancer as a little girl, and added a lengthy message that reads:

“If @itsjojosiwa was trying to impress me – she did! She impressed the whole wide world!”

Then the well-known dance instructor wished “the hardest and savviest working kid” a happy birthday. In another Instagram tribute, the 55-year-old Miller added more TBT shots of Siwa and went on saying as follows:

“It was a love story ~ the TV loved @itsjojosiwa and she loved being on screen & stage! It all started back in Nebraska, then on #AUDC in Los Angeles, traveled to Pittsburgh to join the cast of #dancemoms Moved back to LA when the show moved here!”

Miller, who appeared on ‘Dance Moms’ for almost 8 seasons as a tutor, continued her message by referring that Siwa is a “survivor” in show business:

“Then when the offers and opportunities started coming in, they found out the prod co/network took the cheap way out realizing the kid’s contracts could be easily disaffirmed allowing them to walk, she did!

Even though the relationship between Miller and Siwa seems not quite good on the said TV series, Miller stated multiple times that they kept in touch over the years. As fans might remember, the dance teacher, supported Siwa after she had come out as a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

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