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6ix9ine Says That Fame And Money Do Not Mean Anything To Him: “It Doesn’t Bring Me Joy”

Rapper 6ix9ine went to his verified Instagram account with a post that can be interpreted as “unusual” for him.

On April 3, the ‘Keke‘ rapper released a video of himself, visiting his fans in the ghetto and disbursing. Alongside the video, in which he pays out money to little children, Daniel Hernandez stated in the caption section that fame and money are not important for him at all. In his own words:

“To all my fans I love you … I’m sorry I been away from music. In all reality, I’m not happy. The fame and the money doesn’t mean anything to me because it doesn’t bring me joy.”

6ix9ine, who previously said through another social media post that he had stayed away from music for almost 6 months to “control what happens in his life,” continued his caption by saying that God comes first for him:

“I say all this because when your chasing your dreams in life remember God comes first. Never lose sight of that. He blesses you in life because he sees the good in your heart and with that blessing you learn to bless others.”

Stating that he would continue his journey to find happiness within himself, the rapper concluded his words by implying that he is in pursuit of the joy he once had.

Even though Hernandez, who captures media attention with legal issues related to himself, stated that fame and money are not bringing him joy and happiness, frequently takes to his verified social media accounts to show what he had. As fans might remember, back on March 9, he showed off his super-luxury cars at his garage plus his diamond watches.

At that time, the rapper also added in the caption section that the prices of each car.

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