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6ix9ine Hands Out Money To People In Need During His Trip To Mexico Amid Rumors Regarding His Homeless Father

Photo Credit: Instagram

6ix9ine Tekashi, the well-known rapper, who recently claimed that he is the number one at the rap game, jumped into his verified social media account and shared a video from his Mexico trip.

Tekashi, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, as he did before, showed off that he is helping people by handing cash to them; on June 26, after the news that his father is homeless spread, released a video in which he is handing out 100$ bills to Mexican people. Alongside the video, the rapper stated:

“Mexico is so fun. I love my people and I love that God has blessed me to bless others.”

As soon as the Mexico-based rapper shared the above-mentioned post, a great number of users of Instagram jumped into the comments section; while some users were praising him for helping people, some criticized him to have released the video.

What’s more, many users reminded him that his estranged dad is living in the streets without a penny; they left the following comments:

“But your dad’s homeless and you don’t take care of your two kids.”

“Giving money out but let your dad be homeless. Help pops bro.”

As fans might know, on June 26, various media outlets delivered a video in which the rapper’s father saying that his son hasn’t helped him out financially. In the video, 60-year-old Hernandez also stated:

“I don’t have an apartment, he doesn’t know that I’m in the shelter. He’s been giving money to other people… He gives money to everybody.”

Whereupon, Tekashi commented on the news by saying that he has not seen him since the third grade.

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